Bodhrán Bones and Spoons Tutor DVD

Bodhrán Bones and Spoons Tutor DVD

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The Bodhrán Bones and Spoons DVD features teachings from one of Irelands greatest ever players, Tommy Hayes. Superb bones made of authentic solid hardwood.

How to:

The first bone is held between the index and middle finger and is held steady by pressing the middle finger against the edge of the bone, pressing it firmly into your palm and locking it in place with the index finger and thumb.












The moving bone is held between the middle and ring finger.

The ring finger should be placed on the edge of the moving bone with just enough pressure to hold it in place while still allowing freedom of movement.

The moving bone should never touch the palm of your hand.



To get the basic ‘tap’ turn your wrist and forearm in towards your chest in a snapping movement.

Rotate the wrist back and forth at high speed to achieve a ‘roll’.

Keep your arms relaxed and remember to keep one bone steady and one bone moving.

The best sound can usually be obtained from a point just about 2cm above the bottom bone.